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Bri Bri

Bri Bri

A Little About Me;
I'm just a girl. 15, Freshman.
I love photography, drawing, and writing. I write stories and music a lot, I'm always doodling, and when I see something that makes for a good picture, I take advantage.
I'm handy with advice- so don't be afraid to talk with me! I don't judge for anything.
I have two lovely cats and a dog. An older brother, and both parents. I live in a little ranch house out in Pennsylvania, but I was born in Knoxville, TN.
XoXo- much love

295 people follow me and I don’t even use this blog omg

I have a depression blog here: http://www.blatantly-0bvious.tumblr.com
And a fandom based whatever blog here:




This makes me so sad..
I hope I can experience this in the future.. 

one of my all time favorite quotes… and all time favorite feelings

most perfect description of something perfect

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